Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pregancy and diet

Guest blogger, Vanessa, discusses her babymoon at Club Med Columbus Isle. There, she discovers the Club Med Diet and wonders..."Pregnancy and dieting typically do not go hand in hand. Isn’t being pregnant supposed to be the ultimate excuse to eat whatever you want and pack on the pounds with no shame?!?." The reality is that you’re only supposed to have 300-400 extra calories a day…definitely not in keeping with that cliché of “eating for two!” With all this in mind, my husband Jeff and I recently took a babymoon to Club Med Columbus Isle and were eager to take advantage of the new Club Med Diet. We picked up our guidebooks and pedometers, met with the fitness G.O. the morning after we arrived and were on our way to a healthy vacation!

Being somewhat lazy even when I’m not pregnant, I was a little concerned about being able to participate in the many calorie-burning activities offered by Club Med. I was thrilled to see that yoga and water aerobics were on the class schedule and I could also schedule personal training sessions…just what I needed to ease into my new healthy lifestyle. Jeff and I also found that walking around the resort was exercise in itself. Columbus Isle is spread across 89 gorgeous acres so we did lots of walking from our room to the various restaurants to the water skiing area to sailing lessons to the fitness center and so on.

One of my favorite parts of the Club Med Diet was the food! I loved all the fresh fruit and raw veggies. I think I could live off of sliced raw red and green peppers if I didn’t have to chop them myself. (I really do sound lazy, don’t I?) Anyway, it was wonderful to have access to the beautiful buffet spreads and know that I was eating something good for me and the baby. Plus, after eating all the good-for-me foods, I had no qualms about checking out the amazing dessert spreads!


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What are your fitness goals Tamera? What succeses have you experienced?

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