Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Guest blogger gives Club Med Diet a whirl

Guest blogger Morgan Painvin gives an inside look at the new Club Med Diet in Columbus Isle. Experiencing the Club Med Diet...

In the five days I was at Columbus Isle, I managed to take part in Pilates, Yoga, and Total Care classes, learn to sail, go kayaking, take waterskiing lessons, practice archery and discover a coral reef and a shipwreck while snorkeling.

Did I leave feeling more fit? Yes.
Was I depriving myself on a strict diet? No

I was simply a part of the Club Med Diet program. I took part in the active lifestyle Club Med encourages, and took advantage of the healthy eating options offered at the restaurants. I didn’t deprive myself of tasting a pastry or two from their assortment, but did focus on their variety of fruit.

In addition, I was encouraged daily by the Fitness G.O. Tamara. We dined together often and talked about the week’s activities. I was also offered help navigating healthy meal options by the head chef Jamie. The most encouraging part of the program though was the pedometer. Never had I counted my steps, and it was encouraging to see the number getting higher and higher. Each day I was well over the recommended 10,000 steps a day (except for my last day when I departed at 11:30 a.m.).

Returning to New York was a bit of a shock though – only 4,967 steps on my first day back. I was always convinced that living in New York forced me to walk more than most people. Little did I know that to keep up with my Club Med lifestyle I would need to take a couple extra walks around the block!

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