Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Columbus Isle Offers Unique Program

The Club Med Diet Officially Launches at Columbus Isle, Bahamas.

Fitness and eating advice, cool activities, recipes and a pedometer...sounds great, sign me up!

Pre enrollment: a table will be set up outside of the main restaurant on Thursday and Sunday evenings. A fitness G.O. will explain the Club Med Diet and invite guests to sign up for the program the following morning

Enrollment will take place at 8:45 a.m. on Fridays and Mondays in front of the gym. A fitness G.O. will sign up guests for the Club Med Diet, walk them through the guide, explain the pedometer. Read on to discover what the program offers.

The Club Med Diet Program has been launched at Columbus Isle. Each Club Med Diet participant will receive a personalized kit including:

Pedometers that display distance (in miles or kilometers) and calculate steps, distance, and calories burned. A reference showing recommended number of steps per day according to age, weight, and fitness level.

Running/Walking Map
Club Med Columbus Isle is located on 89 acres of beachfront property. A running/walking map of the property will be offered to aid participants in scheduling and mapping group or individual walks and runs.

Food Diary
Nutritionists worldwide suggest that people attempting to improve their eating habits keep a daily journal of food intake. The Club Med food diary allows guests to keep track of their food and drink consumption, activities, and approximate calories burned. It will also serve to remind them of dishes they have enjoyed while at Club Med and want to recreate at home.

Healthy Eating Guide
A healthy eating guide will ensure that guests are able to navigate meals at Club Med with ease by providing portion size tips, nutritional information, and recommended choices.

Healthy Recipes
Club Med will offer many of its signature recipes with nutritional information so guests can continue their new lifestyle once vacation has come to an end.

Recommended Activity List
A complete list of Club Med activities such as windsurfing, waterskiing, sailing, kayaking, and volleyball, and a suggested routine will be given to guests as well as details regarding the average number of calories burned and which muscle group is targeted in each respective activity. Fitness G.O.s will also be available to recommend workout programs and training sessions based on the participant’s age and fitness level.

Throughout the week a fitness G.O. will encourage participants to join special activities, offer personal training sessions and dine with participants.

The main restaurant will feature a healthy meal option every night at a specific station. Nutritional information will be posted next to the dish.

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