Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10,000 steps to stay lean

Morgan walks. And then some.

Depending on your age, weight and health status, the recommended number of steps is anywhere from 6,000 to stay healthy to 10,000 for weight loss.

How Many Steps?

When I heard that walking 10,000 steps was an easy way to get in the recommended daily exercise I accepted the challenge. Living in New York City I was convinced that I already exceeded the recommended steps and was eager to use the Club Med Diet pedometer at Columbus Isle. I was pleasantly surprised when, at the end of each day, I saw that I far exceeded the recommended number of steps. 5,982 steps for a walk on the beach? Easy! Dancing (or trying to keep up with) three songs of Club Med Crazy Signs – 1,499 steps. Walking from the gym to the waterskiing station – 1,165 steps (plus a five minute swim out to the platform). The island tour? 3,273 steps. As the days went on I realized how easy it was to reach the recommended number of steps and set goals for my return to New York.

The best part of it all though was that I wasn’t only walking! The multitude of activities kept me quite busy between steps too.

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