Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Profile of a Fitness GO at Club Med Columbus Isle

Tamara Loney answers our questions about working as a Club Med fitness G.O. and launching the Club Med diet.

What made you want to become a fitness GO?
The four hour break between morning and afternoon classes! No just kidding, or am I?

What was your training like to become a fitness GO?
It was great; I was sent to Club Med Sandpiper in Florida for a week. There, we spent eight hours a day working out with Jenni - an amazing trainer. After a day of training to teach step we could barely make it to our third floor rooms!

What do you enjoy most about being a fitness GO?
Honestly, it really is how much people appreciate my work. I love it when I hear, “Thank you for getting me motivated to work out again.”

What changes have you observed in guests since the launch of Club Med Diet?
I think the biggest change is the awareness it creates. It helps people to think about the choices they are making a little more, especially the food diary.

Can people realistically lose weight in a week?
In a week you’re not going to lose 15 pounds, but a Club Med vacation is a perfect way to kick start a diet and weight loss program. With this program people will realize how easy it is to be active and make healthy choices; if you can do it on vacation you can do it anywhere!

What do you feel is the most important tool that the Club Med Diet offers participants?
Without a doubt, it’s the support and encouragement that comes with starting the program with a group.

What do guests enjoy the most about Club Med Diet?
We set up a little competition about who will take the most steps, and guests really get into it to see who will walk the most in a day.

What steps do you take to encourage guests who are participating?
First, I make sure to invite them to my fitness classes. There are so many different classes that everyone is sure to find one that they enjoy. I also offer a personal training session where I work with them not only on workout techniques in the gym, but also simple workouts they can take back home with them. I also enjoy introducing participants to each other; it helps create a sense of community where they can then encourage each other.

How do you encourage guests to keep this lifestyle back home?
I try to remind them of how much they enjoyed certain sports while on vacation and encourage them to keep on participating at home. The guide book also gives guests receive a bunch of great recipes that they can cook at home to stay on track with the right food.

How does your average day compare to a guest in terms of steps taken?
Guests definitely take a lot of steps, between walking to and from the different buildings in the village, crazy signs, and all of the activities. This week I’m averaging just over 15,000 steps a day, and I don’t wear mine teaching classes. Guests can certainly achieve the same!

What do you do to stay fit and live a healthy life at Club Med?
I’m lucky that my job is so active; I don’t really do anything specifically to stay fit, although I do spend a lot of time playing volleyball in the pool, scuba diving, snorkeling, trying out windsurfing or just heading out for a little swim. Eating right is also a big part of living a healthier lifestyle, but that is easy here at Columbus Isle with all the salads, fruit and the featured Club Med Diet healthy meal option!

Where do you plan on going from here?I am headed to Club Med Cherating in Malaysia. There I will teach Rollerblading and act as the back-up Fitness GO. I am so excited to being moving to Malaysia and can’t wait to continue helping people get in shape.


Anonymous said...

Tamara: Thank you so much for all the encouragement you gave me. The classes were so much fun! I have managed to stay in the program, and I'm certain without your help and support I never would have.

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