Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why Club Med Guests Don't Get Fat

I feel like a trip to Club Med is similar to a trip to Europe in many ways. I usually come back 5 pounds lighter after a week of satisfying and sumptuous cuisine and tons of activity.

The secret is really very simple--fresh food without a lot of processing and additives paired with daily activity. In essence, for over 50 years Club Med has offered vacationers worldwide the opportunity to build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle while on vacation. In September, the Club Med Diet will officially launch in Columbus Isle, Bahamas. If you don't want to wait until then, create your own Club Med Diet at home.

Pictured is Chef Peter's delicious curried vanilla mahi-mahi.

Helpful tip:
Start a food diary today--you'll be surprised how much you eat and when you eat it! A food diary allows you to keep track of food and drink consumption and feelings associated with eating. It will also serve to remind you of dishes you have enjoyed while at Club Med and enable you to store the recipes to recreate them at home.
To begin your own, free, online diet diary check out

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